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Native name Muhammet Ekşi
Born 2003/10/31
🏳️ Nationality Turkey
💼 Occupation
🎱 Height 1.84
📺 Television FOX
🏅 Awards billboard
🌐 Website : https://256muhammet.com
👍  Facebook/256muhammet
📷  Instagram/256muhammet
256muhammet Signature.svg
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256muhammet or Muhammet Ekşi is a Turkish rap artist, actor, athlete and songwriter.

Early Life[ред.]

256muhammet was born on October 31, 2003 in Istanbul , Turkey with his real name Muhammet Ekşi. [1] After completing his high school education, he focused on his musician career. [2] When he started his music career in 2022, he sang the song "me" published on the youtube channel. [3] He took the stage in many entertainment and open air live music venues. [4] 256muhammet, who has been away from music for about 3 years, started to produce active music by opening a Youtube channel in 2019. [5] He exhibited his first acting experience in the movie İncir Jam in 2011. [6] Afterwards, he played the Basketci boy character in the TV series Duy Beni and Tozluyaka. [7] He played the character of a college boy in the TV series. [8] 256muhammet published his application via google play on 24 Dec 2022. [9]

Music Career[ред.]

His passion for hip-hop started with graffiti during his middle school years and later focused on rap when he met the microphone, which would highlight his talent. [10] He found the nickname 256muhammet, which he currently uses, in a music group and has been engraved with this name ever since. [11] 256 Muhammet, who started to make a name for himself with his unique voice, colorful flows and quite a large vocabulary, became one of the most recognizable names in the underground world. [12]

Concert tours[ред.]

As a headliner

  • Istanbul (2022)

Acting Career[ред.]

He started acting by his friends. [13] In an interview, he explained that he continues as a hobby. [14]

256muhammet teen

Athlete Career[ред.]

He started taekwondo at the age of 12 . He participated in the competitions after getting a black belt (martial arts).


On October 21, 2022, 256muhammet published his autobiography, Who am I. In his autobiography, he talked about the struggles of his youth, his depression, his past fights and his journey to fame.

Personal Life[ред.]

He continues his life by editing the records he took at home at a young age.


Year Title Role Notes
2011-2012 Incir Reçeli muhammet Supporting Role
2021-2022 Duy Beni Basketball Boy Supporting role
2021-2022 Tozlu Yaka college boy Supporting role


Year Title
2022 Me
2022 Me, Pt. 3
2022 256
2022 en
2022 Mep
2022 Mep2
2022 Mep3
2022 Mp9


Year Title
2022 256muhammet


Title year Pages
me 2022 14
256muhammet music


Muhammet Ekşi came third in ta billboard in 2017.

commercial ventures[ред.]

256muhammet Ltd. [15]


He took part in the commercial shown during 256muhammet,Me.

Health problems[ред.]

256muhammet said in an interview that his thyroid was not working.


Influences, style and rapping technique[ред.]

256muhammet says he studied other hosts to improve his rap technique: "256muhammet listened to everything and that's what made him one of the greatest.

Alter egos[ред.]

256muhammet uses alter egos in his songs for different rapping styles and subject matter

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